Opening Hours

We are currently taking bookings for future placements only. We are available Monday to Thursday 8am to 5pm. Outside these hours can be arranged if required. We are happy to take casual bookings subject to availability. 



                           MONDAY          TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY       THURSDAY        FRIDAY                  WEEKENDS


CORE HOURS      8AM - 5PM        8AM - 5PM         8AM - 5PM            8AM - 5PM         8AM - 5PM      BY ARRANGEMENT


OUT OF HOURS     ---------------------------------------------------BY ARRANGEMENT-----------------------------------------------------------

VACANCIES                  NO                  NO                      NO                        NO                    NO                          YES


What Your Child Needs

We ask that all children come with their food for the day, unless arrangements have been made for us to supply meals. 

Other items:

Spare change of clothes and extra underclothes and pants if toilet training

Nappies and wipes, cream if required

Water Bottle 

Favourite Blankie, soft toy or other security item for rest time 

Dummies if used

Bottles and formula if used

NOTE: Any medications must be in original packaging. Prescription medications must be labelled with childs name and dose rate. Expiry date must be clearly evident.

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